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Thank Your Constable
Unsung Police Hero of Bangalore City
Felicitation ceremony for our traffic police constables who work tirelessly in-spite of pollution and extreme weather conditions. Our sincere thanks to Thriller group , Happy planners , our beloved staff , Shri Prashant for entertaining the guest . Thank you for all the guests and our elders for being part of the event we had great fun celebrating Grand Parents meet.
Mr. Krishnamurthy has won many international and state level awards for his help to the needy people in the society. The Gullands Excellence award is hounered recently in London.
International Gullands Excellent Award - 2008 Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini National Award - 1999 Indira Gandhi Sadbhavana National Award - 2008 Siddu S. Loute was invited for the benefit of the sourding villages and helped him financially to achieve his dream. Dr padma subramaniam , world famous Indian classical dancer along with B.jayashri (member of parliament) & famous singer Mrs gayathri kannan , embraced our ashram with their visit on 15/april/2012.
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