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Thank Your Constable - Felicitation to traffic officers and men International Guland Excellent Award-2008 Indira Gandhi Sadbhavana National Award-2008 Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini National Award-1999 Siddu S. Loute was invited for the benefit of the sourding villages and helped him financially to achieve his dream. Dr padma subramaniam , world famous Indian classical dancer along with B.jayashri (member of parliament ) & famous singer Mrs gayathri kannan , embraced our ashram with their visit on 15/april/2012 .
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Welcome to the Mathru chaya Trust
The sensation of Sharing is eternal. Sharing thoughts, knowledge, time, emotions and humanity are some common deeds which add values to our lives. Very few practice it, few are in search of it and many are dispossessed of this mantra to a worthy living. Mathru Chaya Trust is one such NGO which is engaged in bringing smiles on the faces of disadvantaged old men and women, who are in search of peace and happiness in their lives.

Mathru Chaya is an abode to many such confused minds. You may be a helping hand, a deprived individual or a reason for deprivation, Come, Share, Smile and be a part of this non-government organization which believes in creating opportunities to be a society, be a part of the society.

Click Here to read about the history of the Mathru Chaya Trust - a story of one person who wanted to make a difference in a Old Age Citizen's life.

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